Sugarberry CCS Hub: meeting the needs of carbon emitters in Northeast Texas through carbon capture and sequestration.

About Sugarberry CCS Hub

The Sugarberry CCS project provides a sustainable solution for manufacturers, power producers, and other carbon emitters in Northeast Texas to meet current and future emissions rules.

As proposed, C02 emissions from these facilities would be captured and transported to geologically secure underground storage locations east of the Dallas metro.

CCS projects like this help businesses address growing environmental regulations and remain stable regional employers, while also bringing economic benefits to the community.

Our team looks forward to working with area leaders, landowners and community members to create a CCS project that is safe and mutually beneficial.

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Carbon capture and storage, or CCS, is increasingly seen as a business solution for manufacturing and industrial facilities, power generators and others amid growing shareholder pressure, customer requirements and strict regulations on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

CCS 101

Landowner Benefits

We know your land is your livelihood, whether you use it for farming, ranching, recreation, leasing or other purposes. We aim to be a good steward of this land, support its long-term preservation and provide an added source of income for your family over the next 20+ years.

Create another income stream. A carbon capture and storage (CCS) project allows landowners to create value from an unused part of the land’s geology deep beneath the surface. Your family can receive payments from the pore space rights for decades.

Continue utilizing the majority of your land. Other than a few carefully sited wells above ground, the storage area is safely located deep underground. You can continue using the land’s surface for other purposes.

Rest assured that this is a profit-positive opportunity. Costs associated with the development, construction and operation of the storage field are paid for by the company.

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Development (3 years)
Perform engineering and environmental studies, obtain necessary permits, secure emissions customers
Construction (1 year)
Hire contractors, drill injection wells, connect pipeline from storage area to emissions customers
Operation (20+ years)
Monitor storage site 24/7
Long-Term Storage
Plug and monitor injection wells for a period of time specified by the EPA

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